Smart AC Energy Saver

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Smart AC Energy Saver

GreenMagic smart AC energy saver is a microprocessor based product, which saves energy by optimising the compressor operation using a modified control algorithm. It senses the room temperature & coil temperaure & in turn switches the compressor on or off, without compromising on cooling comfort.

It comes with a remote & displays room & set temperature. It is effective on all types of ACs such as window, split, ductables, cassettes, multi-splits as well as inverter type ACs.

Save & Pay Offer

TCSIPL is an ESCO (Energy Service Company) empanelled with BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency). These products are also available on "Save & Pay" basis through GreenMagic's ESCO scheme, provided total refrigeration load is more than 200 Tr. Under this scheme, GreenMagic will install all the products without any cost & raise a monthly bill based on the energy saved for a contractual period.

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