Energy Saving in HVAC

Save 5-20% in energy cost of HVAC or chiller compressors - Energy Saving in HVAC

One can not afford to ignore energy consumption of chilling / refrigeration systems in Indian environment.

Most of the Pharma plants, Commercial establishments like offices, malls, hospitals spend millions of Rs. on HVAC electricity bills.

We have come across an attractive, easy to use solution to save energy in Chilling or refrigeration systems .

This is a liquid additive which is added to the refrigerant & one can expect 5-20% of reduction in the energy consumption in addition to multiple other advantages .

By adding only 5-10% by volume mixture of the additive with the compressor’s refrigeration oil, operating and maintenance cost are reduced. Depending on the condition of the system, energy cost drop between 6% and 20% due to reduced compressor friction and improved unit capacity.

This is the first article in the series of “ Energy saving in motors “ wherein we will discuss efficiency perspective of energy conservation .

Energy Saving in HVAC
Energy Saving in HVAC

How does it work ?

This additive technology contains two antiwear ,anti oxidation systems . The primary system stays in the solution and is triggered by temperature on an as needed basis only. The secondary system is metal seeking and latches onto all internal metal surfaces helping to reduce friction. HVAC systems typically lose 7% efficiency the first year, 5% the second year and 2% each year following, due to oil fouling. These additives restore the heat exchange and any losses of efficiency by remedying the oil fouling that has occurred.

Special anti-friction additives improve the compressor’s mechanical efficiency to reduce power consumption. In addition, the supplement contains additives that improve coil heat transfer. This improved thermal efficiency (heat duty) increases the unit’s capacity, thus allowing it to run fewer hours per a day for the same amount of cooling. The reduced wear and tear that accompanies improved system operations extends equipment life and reduces overall maintenance costs.

Refrigeration Oil Supplement consists of a napthenic oil base and a number of specially developed additives. A napthenic oil is used as the supplement’s foundation because of its excellent Viscosity Index qualities, and its low pour point.

It contains anti-wear additives, oxidation inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, surfactant agents, and conditioners.

Overall advantages of these additives:

  • saves kwh and demand charges
  • passive technology
  • one time installation
  • outstanding return on investment
  • no equipment interruption
  • reduces friction
  • restores heat exchange
  • reduces energy costs
  • oxidation and corrosion protection
  • provides stabilized boundary lubrication
  • extends equipment life

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