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Philips LED Lighting

Right Luminaires for right application, from Philips LED Lighting.
Delivering the best performance & Quality with world leader in LED - Philips.
Now, teknocrats is the value-added pertner of Philips.

  • Energy saving : 50% Energy saving than conventional lighting.
  • Luminaires tested as per IS 3646 / EN 12464 and IEC standards.
  • Being value added partner we will help you for designing lighting solution based on application.
  • World-Class LED Drivers
  • Highly reliable for lifetime.
  • Best light qulity & Color Consistency
  • Release uniform beam quality
  • Performs extensive validation & tested for L50, L70 & L80 (Lumen Maintenance)
  • Improved CRI (color rendering index), better than 85%
  • Gives complete lighting system solution

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Philips LED Lighting

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