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Occupancy Sensors / Motion Sensors

Occupancy / Motion Sensors


Lighting and Air Conditioning consumes more than 35% of energy bills in industries and 40% of energy bills in commercial buildings. Incorporating automation in Lighting & Air Conditioning not only helps in controlling energy wastage but creates a visual impact about a need for a sustainable living and energy saves.

Green Magic introduced a controller based Motion Detector with built-in switch containing all advantages of ambient light sensing with quad element sensor.

Benefits –

1. Reducing energy Cost upto 30% in your Lighting Load, Fan & Air Conditioning.
2. Attractive Pay Back Period –
Residential = 8 – 12 Months
Commercial = 4 – 08 Months


Models Available -



The GMMS-1 has a 360° field of view and 12m dia. Detection pattern.

Specification –

Physical Dimensions(mm) :

(H x W x D) - 100 x 42 x 75

Weight :

Packed Product: approx. 160gm

Power requirements :

230VAC + 10%, 40mA.

Alarm Relay

250VAC/10A, 2500VA.

Detection range :

360° x 12m at 20°C

Mounting Height :

3m typical

Temperature compensation

Automatic bidirectional temperature

Operational modes

ON: Output is always ON OFF: Output is always OFF
Auto: Output will be switched on and off depending on valid PIR signal


Short circuit protection Surge Protection
EMI/RFI Protection Harmonic Filter
Relay Contact Protection

ON Time

Determines the lamp on time after last motion is detected. Different ‘ON Time’ can be selected
by placing jumper head at following pin code
30S: 30 Seconds,           1M: 1 minute,
3M: 3 minute,                    5M: 5minute,
7.30M: 7.30 minute,        10M: 10 minute,
15M: 15 minute,               20M: 20 minute.


1-2 steps within the field of view
L: Minimum sensitivity.
M: Medium sensitivity.
H: Maximum sensitivity

Lux level

Determines the operation of light switch, by sensing ambient light. Different lux
levels can be selected by setting proper jumper at following pin code.
N: Night mode (1 - 3 LUX) U: Dusk mode (3 - 15 LUX)
X: Reserved for future use
D: Day mode (24 hrs)


Detection Pattern -



PIR Occupancy Switch- (Dual output HVAC and Lamp)

Features -

  • Independent relay to control HVAC and Light source.
  • Sensor can control HVAC upto 2 tons without contactor.
  • Motion based occupancy control for HVAC, Daylight and motion based
  • occupancy control for light source.
  • ON Delay of 60 seconds to avoid switching of HVAC during momentary occupancy condition.
  • OFF Delay Programmable from 1 to 30 minutes.
  • Three step Programmable Daylight lux trip level (Night / Dusk / Day).
  • eSense algorithm to detect small movements.
  • Manual override to switch between Auto / ON / OFF
  • Swivel mount Bracket for easy focusing.
  • Uniform sensitivity Optic.

Specification –

PIR Sensor :

Dual Element.

Weight :

Packed Product: approx. 160gm.

Power requirement :

230VAC + 10%, 40mA.

Alarm Relay

AC control: 230VAC / 12A
Light Control: 230VAC / 2A

Detection range :

88° x12m

Mounting Height :

00 x 00

Override switch :

250VAC/5A Push to ON Switch

OFF delay :

User settable from 1 ~ 30 minutes.

Lux level :

User settable 1 ~ 1200 lux.

Protections :

Over Current, Surge, (6.8ft)


Detection Pattern -

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