Lighting Energy Saver / Energy Saving in Lighting / Energy Saver

Lighting Energy Saver

User Benefits

  • Reduction in energy consumption up to 15% to 30% (28% typical)
  • Enhanced life of lamp
  • 80% IT depreciation
  • Electronic Protection against Over Voltage, Under Voltage & Over Current for load
  • Payback period : Approx. 18 months
  • Automated Switching of Lamps based on real Time / Light Sensing / astronomical time (Optional)
  • User programmable 8 time zones for voltage setting
  • Flicker Free Operation: Using unique fast and highly advanced high speed regulator logic called as “Gapless Changeover”
  • Automatic Power factor Correction (Optional)
  • Manual Opertaion : For "Out of Schedule" operation and testing
  • Switch on support : If a new load is switched on during Energy Saving Mode (ESM), the unit switches to bypass mode, to provide much needed normal voltage required to switch ON the lamp. A lamp switches on at full voltage and then the unit switches to ESM mode again after preset time.
  • Displays percentage of saved energy
  • Regulated Output Voltage, with a setting resolution of 1V and accuracy of +/- 2V
  • Display of Current, Voltage, KW, KWh
  • Complete unit bypass switch for operational redundancy
  • Internal transformer efficiency ≥ 96%
Lighting Energy Saver / Energy Saving in Lighting is used for following Applications :
  • Street Lighting
  • Shop Floor Lighting
  • High Mast
  • Campus Lighting
Sr. No. Description Benefits
1. Inbuilt power factor correction. No penalty of P.F., Incentive is assured.Reduction in load current allows use of lower current rating energy saver/transformer.
2. Switching of lighting based on astrological time Automatic switching of street lights based on Down Dusk time of any location, no need of manual time setting for switching.
3. Alarm SMS for Lamp failure Automated intimation to responsible officer about failure of even a single lamp in the circuit.
4. RS- 485 Communication port. SCADA connectivity through wired or wireless network.
5. IP55 protection Outdoor Mounting
6. Override switching on the basis of ambient light Automatic switching of lamp in case of low ambient light.
Models of Lighting Energy Saver / Energy Saving in Lighting :
Sr. No. Current Rating Single Phase System Three Phase System
1. 20A LESS 1020 LESS 3020
2. 40A LESS 1040 LESS 3040
3. 60A - LESS 3060
4. 80A - LESS 3080
5. 100A - LESS 30100
* Higher ratings are available.