Energy Audit

"Have you ever compared your organisation's or plant's energy consumption with specific Global Benchmark?"

1. Do you have freedom to utilize resources to its maximum or as much as possible..?
2. Are you aware of potential energy saving for your organisation?
3. Whether facing challenges in the competitive market?

Why TAACT's Energy Audit?

  • TAACT's Energy Audit can help you to reduce your energy expenses on sustainable basis at a cost which is negligibal as compared with the savings
  • Team of 3 senior auditors with cumulative industrial experience of 70 years
  • Accepts responsibility of implementation
  • Audit fees can be reimbursed if customer enters into ESCO agreement.

Achievements in a nutshell

  • Saving potential of average 12% was identified for electrical energy & thermal energy audit
  • Annual recurring savings to the Rs. 1.5. crores have been reported as achieved by the audited industries
energy audit

Our Estimated Clients

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