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Astronomical Street Light Controller, Street Light Controllers, Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier. Our setup is situated at
Satpur in Nashik ( Maharashtra, India )


Astronomical Street Light Controller / Street Light Controller

Astronomical Street Light Controllers

1. Automatic street light control as per sunset & sunrise

2. Automatic setting of dawn dusk timings as per longitude & latitude

3. payback period < 12 months

User Benefits

1. No need of manual setting of dawn & dusk time, which varies throughout the year, so independent of human inefficiency

2. Precise switching throughout the year saves power & increase safety on roads

3. Additional energy saving through intermittent switching

Unique Features

1. Twilight setting of -/+ 60 minutes allows the switching before or after the sunset / sunrise, for more safety.

2. Main switching channel for switching of load as per sunset & sunrise timing.

3. One more switching channel , which will switch off the load after preset timing after sunset & switch on the load before the sunrise as per preset timing.

4. Accuracy of switching: +/- 5 min.

5. Clock Accuracy: Better than +/- 1 sec per day @ 25 deg. C

6. Short circuit & overload protection



1. Street Lighting

2. Garden Lighting

3. Campus Lighting


Optional Accessories

GSM / GPRS connectivity for status of ourput / tripping.

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