• Energy saving upto 20% without compromising on cooling comfort
  • Easy to install
  • Aircosaver is a unique, state of the art energy saving device imported from Germany, designed specifically to save energy on all window, split and package Air Conditioners from 1 to 20 ton capacity
  • It works on an advanced sensor driven software algorithm based on the principle of Thermal Saturation. It is not a time based unit that merely switches the machine on and off periodically, thus compromising comfort and temperature levels
  • Aircosaver is a genuine energy saver that saves upto 20% in your air conditioning power bill without compromising comfort and temperature levels
  • Aircosaver is designed and manufactured in Germany to precision standards. It comes with the famous German quality and reliability and is protected by a worldwide patent.
  • Window Airconditioners
  • Split Airconditioners
  • Packaged Airconditioners
  • Cassette Airconditioners
  • Tower Airconditioners

Air conditioners are designed and manufactured to cope with the extreme cooling demands of the few hottest days of the year plus a safety margin. However, in most cases this maximum output is not required. The system is thus oversized. Running the AC continuously until the thermostat switches it off, means that the system operates at excess capacity most of the time, wastes energy and adds to the electricity bill.

  • Aircosaver is an intelligent control device which ads state of the art intelligence to air conditioning systems and improves their energy efficiency.
  • Achieves average energy savings of between 20% to 30% resulting in a short payback period.
  • Is a retrofit product to upgrade existing ACs
  • When the AC starts, the Compressor charges cooling energy into the evaporator coil where it is stored. At this stage, the system works at high efficiency because compressors operate most efficiently when fully loaded.
  • Even after the evaporator coil is fully charged and saturated, the compressor continues to run and delivers more gas to the coil than the coil can absorb.

Thermodynamic saturation takes place. Running the compressor beyond this stage does not increase the cooling any more. A 1.5 Ton AC cannot become a 2 Ton AC because the compressor keeps running-a waste of energy!

Aircosaver's sensor driven software algorithms are designed to detect thermodynamic saturation and to optimize compressor running. When thermal saturation is detected, Aircosaver switches into "Saving Mode" and turns the compressor off. Aircosaver prevents inefficient overcooling and saves power.

After the compressor is switched off, the fan keeps running, cool air continues to be delivered and the system makes maximum use of the cooling energy stored in the coil. Once the stored energy is depleted, Aircosaver switches the compressor back on and it can work efficiently once again. The room temperature set on the thermostat is reached without the wasteful and inefficient part of the cooling cycle. Significant savings are achieved without compromising cooling comfort.

Aircosaver is designed and manufactured in West Germany to precision standards. It comes with the famous West German quality and reliability and is protected by a worldwide patent.

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